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The Long Covid Collective

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Hello everyone. My name is Antony, I am 36. I love in North Yorkshire. I got sick back in 2020 when covid first appeared! I first of all would like to give you all hope as I almost was recovered back in July 2022 but unfortunately I went back to work full time, started charging around at 100mph again like I used to and then I got COVID again in August that year and crashed again. This time ever worse. So recovery will happen but when it does we still need to be steady and not go back to old habits of over pushing and in my case people pleasing. After my severe crash a year ago I am now mobile again walking each day, cooking and a bit of socializing. Much better from where I was unable to even walk to the bathroom or having any lights on. Every day is still an uphill battle but I do have a good day here and there. Physical symptoms along with depression and anxiety. But I know I/we can all heal. Self compassion, putting our health first and communities like this are all part of what we need. Feel free to reach out and say hello. ❤️

Zoe Hitchen
Oct 27, 2023

Thank you for this hope-giving message and the warning for us to keep in mind. And nice to hear from someone who lives in a place dear to my heart! Some of my family is from Rotherham. Wishing you a kind and gentle recovery 🍀

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