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The Long Covid Collective

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What a joy to connect with you all! I think of you all, all the time, so everytime you are gaslit or in a flare or avoiding reinfection, know that all your LC community is thinking of you and cheering you on, even though we are strangers ❤️. As for me, I'm 29, long hauling since mid Aug 2022, about 50% back to my pre-LC function but 80% better than where I was this time last year. I'm doing my PhD ironically in ableism and disability inclusion (lucky to have something I can do from bed!) whilst trying to look after my 2 and 4 year old (and recover!). Is anyone creative here? I'd love to like have all our stories or names woven into some kind of art piece about Long Covid or something...anyway an idea for a day with more spoons! I'm an occupational therapist so certainly this experience will help build my empathy towards my spoonie clients. Love you all, hang in there, Bon x

Lauren Pettit
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