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The Long Covid Collective

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I‘m Sam and I’m 25 years old. In March of 2020, I went to the hospital and was told I tested positive for the flu, the common cold, and COVID 19.

Since September of 2020 , I’ve started experiencing the following symptoms: extreme fatigue, eye disturbances (floaters and blurry vision) and loss of focus, skin rashes, confusion (brain fog), gait was off where I couldn’t walk straight, muscle and joint pain to the point where I have extreme difficulty walking upstairs, and dissociation w drooling (feel like I’m asleep when I’m awake, extreme zoning out), chest tightness and feeling of difficulty when breathing, I’ve also had unexplained nausea and vomiting skin rashes across my cheeks, chin and forehead, trouble swallowing and swollen lymph nodes. Also dizziness, heavier periods, sensory overload, agitation, cold hands and feet and anxiety because who couldn’t have that after all these symptoms...

It has been quite a journey and all my blood work has come back normal. I have received numerous different ”answers“ from doctors, none that explain and confirm why I am actually having these symptoms.

I do not feel like a 20 something year old, I feel much older. I have no energy most days and I push myself to see friends and exercise even when it feels impossible. Many people don’t understand and usually respond with “well you look healthy.” I am indeed not and the zoning out episodes have increased significantly. They are almost like non epileptic seizures, where I am conscious but have difficulty talking and moving. It’s very unnerving. Does anyone else experience this?

I am very thankful for my incredibly understanding boyfriend and family and my two cats who keep me company when I can’t get out of bed. Each day holds new possibilities and I am hopeful with time these symptoms will subside. However, it’s still been a scary journey.

Jemma Bella
Sep 05, 2023

There names are Willow and Nova and they are such sweethearts. They can sense my episodes and provide a lot of comfort. Thank you so much for your kind response. Wishing you all the best ♥️

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