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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi, I'm Holly.

I had covid in Dec 2022 (by all acounts it was a light dose, cold like symptoms)

followed by the Flu 2 weeks later (the bed bound, asleep 24/7 type flu. It lasted 6-8 days). And since then I have not felt 'myself'.

I used to jog twice a week and cycle. Do long walks 6-13 miles.

None of which I can now do.

I have only just been diagnosed with long covid, as my 'fitness ' wasn't improving and i gained a stone in 5 months. Id lay in bed with my mind avtive but my bidy felt like lead. If it wasnt for having to get up to sort the dog out,id of just not bothered to get up.

I walk our dog 2-3 times a day, but can't go more than a mile of constant walking without struggling for breath. I can comfortably walk about 3 miles if it's a slow pace and I have multiple stops.

My symptoms don't seem as severe as some I read on here so maybe I should be thankful for that at least 😔.

All I've got from the Dr is a leaflet telling me to basically push myself to gain strength etc and deep breathing excersises to try and strengthen my lungs/get over the Shallow Breathing.

My symptoms are:

=Shallow Breathing

=lack of energy and motivation

=body fatigue

=Low mood.

=Crashing after 'pushing' myself to do more.

=Hip ache after doing to much (which in reality isn't really that much).

=Knee ache/tightening around knee muscle.

=the morning after alot of 'excursion" I wake up with stiff fingers,wrists, elbows, knees, hips.

=Weight gain (probably due to the low mood crossed with the lack of motivation/energy)

=memory loss (I cant remember a word/name for something , yet I can visualise it but the word itself has disappeared


Mentally i have good days, but in general im low, fed up and have managed to isolate myself. I'm introverted anyway, but at work I keep myself to myself and have largely been forgotten about. I had to Google those symptoms and it came back with 'workplace isolation '. 🫥

I think the above covers everything 😆.

I enjoy reading others stories. So hope this is of use to someone

Jul 16, 2023

Hi! Your story sounds so similar to mine. I first had the flu and then Covid. My strength has gotten back to its previous condition, but like you my stamina is terrible. I can only walk a certain amount before getting dizzy and I too crash when I push myself. It is comforting to read that it is not in my head but that others struggle with the same symptoms 🩷

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