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Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has had GI symptoms with their LC and what that has been like for them. I was officially “diagnosed” with LC in Februrary of this year but since April, I have had no appetite, hungry but can’t eat, nauseous all the time, bloating, discomfort, and many GI symptoms. I have been going through a bunch of testing to see if something else is going on and in the process of trying to get diagnosis for POTS but everything keeps coming back negative. Just joined This group and happy to be here. Thanks

Jemma Bella
Jul 24, 2023

Hi Kassi!

Beforr LC I already had some GI struggles (leaky gut and therefor very sensitive to dairy and gluten). However I noticed that after my second time covid in 2/2023 my sensitivities became way worse and even my dietitian didn't know what to do. Whenever I have a flare up I also seem to lose my appetite.

Through the years I have learned that the biggest part of your autoimmune system is in your GI and since covid weakens your immune system, therefor it is not strange to see GI symptoms. Depending on the type of symptoms it can be wise to use probiotics to restore gut flora, or in case of serious damage like with me, also take some collagen to restore the gut lining. It could also help to temporally lessen foods that you are sensitive to, since it takes a lot of energy to process those foods.

I hope any of this helps, but feel free to reach out!

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