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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all (although none of us want to be here!) Thanks Jemma for starting this space 😊

Quick intro - I’m 42 and live in Rutland. NHS worker who managed to work throughout the pandemic and then got Covid last March on annual leave 🙈. Sadly been off sick ever since and officially leave my job next Friday. I live on my own with 5 cats and have listened to a lot of audiobooks in the last 15 months!

Jemma Bella
Holly W
Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella
Jun 24, 2023

Hi Claire!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry you’ve been suffering for so long now. Thank you so much for all that you did as an NHS worker. Sorry to hear you are officially leaving your job, I imagine this brings up lots of different emotions for you and it’s a big thing to happen! You should be really proud of yourself, I imagine it must have been a really tough journey. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping people feel less alone, it honestly means the world ❤️ what are you cats’ names?🐱 And have you noticed any improvements over the last 15 months or has your recovery been quite level? Sending you so much love Claire! x

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