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My Name is Selin, im 15 and im from Austria, which means my mothertounge is german so please dont mind if i type something wrong.

In 12.2.2022 i got Corona for the first time. I wasn‘t very sick, just a little. After Corona i felt unwell and didnt know whats wrong with my body. I had very bad tonsillitis like 2-3 times every month and later on i got the ebv. I also lost all of my motivation and gained some weight. In juli 2022 i got corona the second time. This time i had fever for one day and after that i felt almost perfectly fine. 1-2 Weeks later my symptoms startet very heavy out of nowhere. I was soo nauseous and had such stomach ache for so many days and it wouldnt stop. My mental health got so bad and i felt so ill. I had Summer Holidays which was good so i didn“t had to go to school. After some days the symptoms got away but i felt very weird. Something was wrong but i didnt know what. In september all started from the beginning. I was so nauseous and didnt know what to do. Then school started. My mental health was so so bad cause i was so nauseous all the time and going to school was so hard for me cause i wqs feeling so so ill all the time. Nobody belived me. everybody said i was faking it and that i just dont want to go to school. I wished i could got to school normally but i couldnt cause i was feeling so so bad. In Oktober i was in hospital cause of my symptoms but my bloodwork and everything came back normal. So they said everything i have is just my bad mental health and i believed them so i got some antidepressants but it all just got worse and worse over time. I started getting fever, bad headache, fatigue and swollen lymphnodes all the time and my tonsils were always swollen and hurting so bad. The doctor thought it were just my tonsils that were causing the symptoms but it actually wasn“t. I got them removed, one of the hardest times in my live. I was in so much pain and couldnt eat for 14 days. But after they were removed it got worse. My fever was still there and so were the other symptoms. So we just ignored it and i got back to school. But after school the symptoms were so bad. My fever was very high i had such a bad headache i was nauses an had a sour throat. Finally my mom belived me. We went to the Hospital in march 2023 and they couldnt find what was wrong with me so they sent me in a clinic 3 hours awqy from me. They diagnosed long covid. I cant go to school anymore. I barley can meet my friends. I feel so alone. I hope i will feel some relief soon.

Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella
Aug 10, 2023

Hello Selin!

First of all… I am so sorry for the delay in reply to this - I missed the notification and then haven’t been feeling great so hadn’t been on here! Sorry!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It sounds like you have had a really really tough time. It must have been awful to go through this and not be believed. I really can’t imagine how must have felt. 15 is so young to go through something like this and it must have been incredibly tough with the pressures of school and also with your mental health. You should be so so proud of yourself Selin for all that you’ve gone through. It really is not an easy journey and for you, it sounds like its be a big rollercoaster with lots of hurdles to overcome and lots of emotions. I am just so sorry you have had to go through this! I am also so sorry to hear you aren’t attending school at the moment. I really hope you are finding some opportunities to do things that you love, even if they are small things and for a short time.

I am pleased to hear now that you have been diagnosed with long covid, it must have been some relief to get an ‘answer’ - although it still doesn’t help with the symptoms! I too had ‘normal‘ blood work With every test they did and it infuriated me. How could everything appear so normal but I felt so unwell? I just did not get it! So you are definitely not alone there!

I am so sorry you are still struggling with it all and feel alone. I hope that soon you will be able to get back to school and see your friends. Please know that you are never alone, this community is always here! (I promise I will reply a lot quicker this time!). I really hope you are getting the support you need with it all. Thank you again for being so kind to share you experience with this, I just really hope you start feeling better soon and get some relief from it all!

Sending so much love Selin and always here if you need it! ❤️

Ps. You English is absolutely perfect! I wish I could speak in German how you speak in English! It is awesome!

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