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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi, my name is Celeste, I am 20 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My lc story: In January 2022 I got Covid for the first time, nothing crazy, just a bad cold (so I thought...). After my symptoms were cleared I went back to university and my sport (fieldhockey). In April 2022 I had to quit the sport I love. This decision was so necessary but oh so hard to make. It took a huge mental toll on me, I felt so alone and helpless. In the meantime I had started pt and speech therapy for my symptoms: fatigue, loss of stamina, shortness of breath, headaches and lightheadedness. In October/November I finally started to see progress in my recovery. Unfortunately I got Covid again in December 2022. I was devasted and scared that all my hard work was for nothing. I was right... I got completely set back in my recovery and got some additional symptoms: brain fog, sound sensitivity and palpitations. These extra symptoms made it very hard for me to follow my uni classes (yes, I am still in uni, I finished year 2 of 3 of my bachelor biomedical engineering this year) but somehow I made it through. Studying helped me mentally by giving me the feeling I was still progressing on something in my life. I am now nowhere near the point I was in October last year and that makes me very sad. I have never accepted my situation the past two years and somewhere I think that this might obstruct my recovery but I am not yet ready to let my old life go. Is there anyone else that struggles/struggled with this? Please let me know, I would love to chat. I am so sorry for this long message, but it felt really good to write this all down. Love - Celeste

Marta Luise
George McNally
Aug 24, 2023

Thank you so much for responding Jemma!

How cool we play(ed) the same sport. I play center back so I would try to stop you from scoring goals actually ;) I do try to go and watch some games from my old team when the play at home. It is still a confronting thing but I forced myself to go the first time to not let the barrier grow for myself. A new season is about to start in the Netherlands and this is again (same as last year) the hardest part: new season, means new team, means new players. I feel replaced, I now they have to move on ofcourse but still...

Regarding university: fortunately there are not a lot of mandatory hours so I go to uni for those hours and for lectures I decide week to week what I will attend, depending on the matter that will be discussed. In general I do a lot of selfstudy at home with lecture slides and recorded lectures from covid lockdown. I have always been able to lean very easily and I am so grateful that this ability has not been affected by long covid. So I learn effectively in the times I feel fit.

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