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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi everyone, I'm lexy! I hope everyone's having a great day!

I first developed covid November 2020 and I was diagnosed with long covid January 2021. My main symptoms were: shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, migraines, PEMs, I had also developed MCAS due to covid. My covid journey has been up and down. However, it was until October 2023 where I had my first relapse in over a year and now, I have all of the above plus neuropathic pain -constantly, costochondritis and my mental health hasn't been the best.

But I can honestly say, my doctors have been good.

The Hardest thing for me is, before long covid, I was fit, active and healthy. Now I've gained 20kg in weight, I can't do any form of exercise. Its ruined my life.


Hey Lexy,

I’m sorry to hear how cruddy things have been. Relapses are so crap! I’m in a significantly long relapse after pushing through at work last year, I empathise with you truly. I’m glad to hear your docs have been good :) I think having a supportive team around you is so important. Not that it makes the difficulty of everyday living suck less! I’m firmly at one with my settee, I used to be outdoorsy but I’ve had to put that on hold. It’s really a hard, with these symptoms that turn life upside down. Know that you’re among friends here so do keep reaching out to share how you’re getting on and if there’s any help you need :)

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