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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi I’m M! I am 19 and started the first week of my sophomore year with COVID and Pneumonia.

Outside of doctors appointments and naps I love yoga, music (hints the 🐝 for the Beehive), watching football, and spending time with my friends!

This was my first time getting Covid after being super careful for the past 3 years and being vaccinated since I already have an underlying condition. It took 6 Covid test to finally confirm my positive results and on my last day of quarantine I couldn’t breathe and that’s when the Covid developed into pneumonia. I spent days in the hospital and since then my active over achieving lifestyle has never returned. After countless appointments, test, symptom flare ups, and getting sick with a new illness every other week the phrase that rounded out my 2023 was “you’re so young for this to happen”.

The hardest part of all of this is not feeling like myself and feeling so alone. No one seems to understand that the halt of my go, go, go lifestyle was a huge adjustment for me. I lost “friends” and missed out on college experiences. I am so glad that I found this community and know that I am not alone in this journey! 💕

Jan 08

Hi M! That must be so hard for you! Missing out on such a milestone experience in your life 😔 You are right that people don't seem to understand what it is like, because it is not happening to them. It takes real friends who want to put themselves in your shoes to understand what it is like to lose your identity like this.

I myself had quite the adjustment and I am still trying to cope with: who am I, when all I have been is falling away? I think I might be a little in denial because I am ignoring that part and instead try to focus on one thing each day that makes me happy. And then let the existential crisis figure itself out 😜

I hope your days are kind to you. Take care!

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