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The Long Covid Collective

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Hi, Its been a little over a year since I’ve been struggling with long Covid. I’m 17 now, and a senior in high school. last year I barely went to school, I should not have passed junior year. I lost so many friends because people thought I was just “faking it”. I am behind on the college search and have nothing to show for my application since long Covid cut off all my extracurriculars. Going to the doctor became an extracurricular.

im scared that I have nothing to show for myself even though I’m trying my best. My parents think they know what I’m going through and they are like take meda you’ll do better, but some times the meds just don’t work and I’m just genuinely tired

they think I’m getting better, I think I’m just getting better at hiding it

George McNally
Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on this group. I am so sorry you are going through all of this and not getting the support you deserve. I really hope you start to see improvements and get support by those that matter. Sending so much love ❤️ ps. just seen your other post about getting extra time in exams... well done you! You should be super proud of yourself.

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