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The Long Covid Collective

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Hey everyone,

I‘m 21 and from Germany. I’ve gotten Covid two times last year. But after the second infection in December 2022 I noticed, that my body didn’t fully recover. First I thought my immune system was just really low because of a two-week flue infection I had right before Covid, but after two months my symptoms got really worse and the fatique and brain fog took all of my strength. I had to quit my job and stop Uni for now, but my biggest struggle is that I used to be an athlete and miss regularly competing in tournaments and games. Because of Post-Covid I lost contact to a lot of teammates and it gets harder to keep contact with friends as well. I am often overstimulated, in pain or just depressed. It doesn’t really help that some people keep telling me “oh but you’re still so young”. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep my hopes up and continue to find doctors or rehab-clinics.

My daily goal right now is to get out of the bed or try to get some kind of movement in my body. For everyone reading this, if that’s your state right now (physically or mentally), you’re not alone with this and it’s ok not to be ok all the time!

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