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Hi I'm Christina. 41. I was an NHS worker on a medical ward when I caught covid off the ward in Feb 2022. What started as flu like symptoms left me heavily fatigued and weak. As the months progressed my fatigue got worse and I had developed neurological symptoms. Memory issues, word finding issues, brain fog. The fatigue was getting worse and after numerous calls to the gp who dismissed me saying nothing they could do. I ended up in hospital with delerium having several mini strokes and a huge stroke minic. I was finally diagnosed by a neurologist in hospital with post viral illness, long covid, mini strokes and every single type of migraine. I lost my speech and almost all of my left side. My brain turned itself off in hospital and rebooted leaving me with a few minutes attention spam, unable to write correctly and tell the time. Months of physio ensured and I was referred to a long covid clinic who said there was nothing much they could do. I attended rehabilitation. I am awaiting a diagnosis of me/ cfs. I had worked myself past the point of exhaustion. My life prior to this I did boxing training, swimming, weight training, cycling and lots of walking. I then caught covid again in April 2023 and lots of the fatigue returned full force, just as I felt I was making improvements. I was diagnosed with vitamin defencies adding to the fatigue. I'm now on huge amounts of vitamins each day and see slight improvements. My old life seems a long way away now. I work part time now but to do this I spend alot of time in bed recovering and now considering leaving fully to help my engery levels. I have left sided weaknesses still.

Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella
Jemma Bella
22 août 2023

Hello Christina,

Firstly I am very sorry for the delay in reply! Thank you so much for your post - it is so lovely to hear from you. I am so sorry to hear that you got covid last year and that it was from the brilliant job that you do with the NHS. It is a very common theme that NHS workers push themselves beyond what they should be doing for their patients, so thank you for all you did back then, but I am so sorry you have been experiencing all of these awful awful symptoms. It must have been extremely scary to have ended up in the hospital and to have had lost your speech and movement on your left side. That is truly heartbreaking to read. I am pleased that you were able to get a diagnosis and that you are hopefully getting a diagnosis for ME/CFS…although I hope you get all the support you need with this as I know people have experienced different things with this. I am so sorry to hear that you got Covid again this April, you really did not deserve that! I hope you’re recovery this time is faster and you get back to your life of boxing, swimming, weight training, cycling and walking very soon. I really hope you are doing okay working part time and its good to hear that you are resting when you need to, although its really not easy to do so (especially since you were so active and busy before covid!). You should be so proud of your journey with this, although its been absolutely awful, you have done so well to get through some real tough times. I really can’t thank you enough for sharing your story, it is very kind of you to do so. Sending you lots of love ❤️

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