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The Long Covid Collective

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Hello everyone,

I’m 27 and from Germany. I got my first long covid symptoms in January 2022 after getting my third vaccination. 6 months later I got infected with covid the first time and the symptoms got even worse. Everything I did was exhausting, even standing up. The first weeks I basically was only lying in bed doing nothing. I couldn‘t go to work for months and temporarily had to move back to my parents. After months of fighting I started working again a few hours a week and tried to exercise a little bit. That meant very slow and short walks at the beginning. After one year it started to get better. I was able to work 30 hours a week and exercise more regular, even go to the gym two times a week. So I want to give you hope that it takes time and effort but even when you‘re in your darkest place, always remember that it will get better some day!

Unfortunately I got covid again four weeks ago now struggling with the same symptoms again hoping, that it doesn‘t take a whole year this time.

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